The NURL, often termed as the Win Notification or Win Notice URL, is a beacon standard supported in the oRTB 2.6 protocol. Its primary role is to convey to the Demand Partners when their bid has emerged as the winner in an auction.


Important: A Win Notification solely indicates a winning bid, not the actual ad impression. Hence, it's not advisable to leverage it for billing operations.

Triggering Win Notification

There are two primary methodologies we endorse for initiating the Demand's Win Notification. To configure or alter your preference, it's essential to get in touch with your associated Account Manager (AM):

  • PubNative Auction Win: After the DSP secures a win in our PubNative Auction, we will initiate the DSP's nurl/win beacon from the server side.
  • Upstream/Final Auction Win: After the Pubnative secures a win in the final Auction (for example in mediation, header bidding), we will trigger the DSP’s nurl/win beacon from the server side.

Minimum Bid To Win

Beyond the standard macros embedded within the NURL, our platform offers support for the following macros:



Important: Both of these macros are filled identically and provide essential insights.

The Minimum Bid To Win macro integrated in the NURL serves to intimate the Demand Partner about the price of the second-highest bid in the auction they dominated.

The exact nature of the notification (whether it's derived from the internal or the final/upstream auction) is contingent on the NURL setup.

To activate the Minimum Bid To Win notification in your NURL, contact your designated Account Manager to enable this feature for your accounts.


For further clarifications or inquiries, please consult your Account Manager.