In OpenRTB, bidders can make use of bid loss notice/notification. Partners can include an endpoint (lurl) in their bid response that is called when losing the bid with additional information provided by the regarding exchange.

Reference: OpenRTB 2.6 Spec,

Object: Bid, Attribute: lurl

Description: Loss notice URL called by the exchange when a bid is known to have been lost. Substitution macros may be included. Exchange-specific policy may preclude support for loss notices or the disclosure of winning clearing prices resulting in ${AUCTION_PRICE} macros being removed (i.e., replaced with a zero-length string).

Supported Substitution Macros

Bidders can include the following macros in their lurl which are substituted with the regarding information when called.



Loss Reason Codes

1Internal Error
3Invalid Bid Response
100Bid was Below Auction Floor
102Lost to Higher Bid
200Creative Filtered - General; Reason Unknown
202Creative Filtered - Disapproved by Exchange
205Creative Filtered - Advertiser Exclusions
206Creative Filtered - App Store ID Exclusions
207Creative Filtered - Not Secure
209Creative Filtered - Category Exclusions
210Creative Filtered - Creative Attribute Exclusions


To address a loss in the bidding process, additional information is often conveyed through the utilization of two macros: ${AUCTION_PRICE} and `${AUCTION_MIN_TO_WIN}. In LURL, we consistently populate both macros and support either of the two.

We support signaling the loss reason for both Internal and Upstream or Final Auctions, such as in scenarios involving header bidding SDK integration or mediation.

  • In the case that the Internal Auction option is selected, we will send the winning bid price from the Internal Auction
  • In the case that the Upstream or Final Auction option is selected, we will send the winning bid price from the Final Auction together with the exchange margin


Please reach out to your assigned AM to update your preference or enable the Loss URL notification for your account(s).

Examples from the BidResponse

"id": "1234567",
"impid": "1",
"price": 1.1,
"adomain": [""],
"id": "1234567",
"impid": "1",
"price": 1.1,
"adomain": [""],