What is SKOverlay?

SKOverlay is a StoreKit class that serves as a tool for developers to conveniently suggest apps to their users. As the name implies, developers can use the iTunes identifier of another app on the App Store to present the user with a banner-sized overlay, encompassing essential details such as the recommended app’s icon, title, and a concise overview. This class additionally offers the flexibility to adjust the overlay’s positioning on the screen. It’s important to note that SKOverlay’s purpose is exclusively tailored for app recommendations. For suggesting other types of media, developers should utilize the SKStoreProductViewController.


Technical Implementation

Bid Request

The SKOverlay attribute is a critical component of the Bid Request, specifically located within the BidRequest.imp.ext.skadn object. This object is a standard feature in ad requests from all compatible inventories, signifying its importance in the ad request process.

These attributes are designed to enhance the functionality and efficiency of ad requests, ensuring a seamless integration and operation within the Hybid SDK.

Definition of Bid Request Parameters

versionStringSupported version of SKAdNetwork. Always "2.0" or higher. Dependent on both the OS version and the SDK version."version":"2.0"
sourceappStringID of publisher app in Apple’s App Store. Should match BidRequest.app.bundle"sourceapp":"880047117"
skadnetidsString ArrayA subset of SKAdNetworkIdentifier entries in the publisher app’s info.plist that are relevant to the DSP.["SKAdNetwork1.skadnetwork"," SKAdNetwork2.skadnetwork"]
skoverlayArrayList of attributes that should be provided on the bid response"skoverlay":["present",

Bid Response

When a bid request is received that includes the BidRequest.imp.ext.skadn.skoverlay array, Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) have the option to respond with specific parameters encapsulated in the object described below. We expect the below table values in the BidResponse.seatbid.bid.ext.skadn.skoverlay location in the bid response.
Upon detecting this object in the bid response, Hybid SDK will display the SKOverlay over the advertisement, adhering to the customization guidelines specified in the response.

Definition of Bid Response

presentBinaryHybid SDK needs to present the SKOverlayHyBid SDK >= Version 2.21.1“present”:1
(1 = Yes, 0 = No)
delayint; default 0Delay in seconds before showing the overlay (0-60)Will Be Available Soon“delay”: 3
(0 to 60 Seconds)
default 0
Should the SKOverlay be dismissable by the userHyBid SDK Version >=2.21.1“dismissible”:0
(1 = Yes, 0 = No)
default 1
Position of the overlay;
0 = bottom, 1 = bottom raised
HyBid SDK Version >=2.21.1“pos”:0
(0 = bottom, 1 = bottom raised)
endcarddelayint; default 0Delay in seconds before showing the overlay on top of the end card (0-60).
Use -1 if you do not want to show the overlay on top of the end card
For -1 : HyBid SDK Version >=2.21.1

For 0-60 : Will Be Available Soon
(-1 to 60 Seconds)
autocloseint; default 0Time in seconds to automatically dismiss the overlay (0-60).
Value of 0 means no automatic dismiss
Will Be Available Soon“autoclose”:0
(0 to 60 Seconds)

Hybid SDK Version Compatibility

Hybid SDK Version Compatibility: Starting from Hybid SDK version 2.21.1, all the parameters listed below are supported, and bid response values for these parameters can be accepted. However, please note that actual customizations based on these parameters will only be applied in the relevant versions of the Hybid SDK.
Stable Development and Demand Partner Convenience: This approach ensures a more stable development environment and reduces the need for demand partners to frequently adjust bid response parameters to match specific Hybid SDK versions.
Full Customization Support: From Hybid SDK version 2.21.1 onwards, full support for customizations as per the specifications mentioned below is available.

Hybid SDK VersionBid Request Signal on compatible inventoryBid Response accepted from partnersSDK Functionality
- present
- pos
- dismissible
- delay
- endcarddelay
- autoclose
Apart from the basic pre checks, from hybid SDK version 2.21.1 onwards, the following parameters are honoured and customised accordingly.

present: 0/1, pos: 0/1, dismissible:0/1 and encarddelay: -1 only.

delay:0, endcarddelay: 0 (for all values except -1) and autoclose: N/A


Conditions for SKOverlay Placements:

They are only compatible with iOS 14 and above, and must be used with the appropriate versions of the Hybid SDK, as detailed in the section "Hybid SDK versions and supported SKOverlay Functionality." These placements can be either full screen or interstitial. Additionally, existing SKAN validations must be met for the SKOverlays to function properly


Hybid SDK only fires clicks when a user initiates it, there are no automatic clicks triggered when showing the SKOverlay.

Additional Information

Exploring SKAdNetwork Support in HyBid SDK

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