Open RTB 2.3 Native Extension (version 1.1)

Why RTB?

PubNative introduces its RTB solution in order to deliver native ads at scale. By pushing this demand-side specification, we allow publishers to enrich their native inventory and to deliver better experiences to their users. Our goal is to increase the programmatic delivery of native ads by establishing a common framework on the buy-side, which will increase demand for native ads as a result

Our Technology

PubNative built its RTB platform in full respect of the “OpenRTB Native Ads API Specification Version 1.1” and “OpenRTB API Specification Version 2.3” defined by the IAB. As our goal is to provide DSPs with a programmatic delivery of native ads, this specification introduces our OpenRTB 2.x extension for native ads.

About Native Ad Format

We currently support native ads using the following components:


• Main Image: Large image preview for the ad (typically 1200x627 px)
• Icon Image: small icon for the ad (typically 80x80 px)


• Title: headline or title for ad
• Text: open text field describing the ad
• Call to action: text field for the call to action button
• Star Rating: for app installs, the app store rating on a scale of 0-5

For further specifications, please see the Technical Integration section.